Why is trading the best job in the world?

Trading is the best job in the world because earnings are limitless!  How can that be you ask. Because it is the only way for ordinary people to make money that is not directly dependent on using more time to earn more money!


How does that work?

Most people trade their time for money.  You work one or more jobs earning an hourly salary and regardless what your hourly rate is, the amount you can earn is limited by the amount of time you can spend doing it.  If you are making £20 per hour and work a 40h week, you make £800 per week.  You could double your working time and make £1600 per week, a great sum of money, but more than 80h per week working is probably not sustainable.  Even if you make £200 per hour, you could get to £16000 per week, a huge sum of money but that sort of money can really only be earned by highly trained professionals such as lawyers, doctors, management consultants or other highly sought after professions and is certainly not available to most people.  Even these people’s earnings are capped by the time they have available to sell.  Trading the financial markets though, you can make more money than these highly trained professionals and we can show you how!

Isn’t trading really risky?

Most people turn away from trading as it is perceived as a very risky and dangerous profession where you stand more of a chance losing money than making it, but this is NOT right.  It is true that you can lose a lot of money trading the markets, regardless of what you trade, whether it is stocks, forex, futures or options.

Using our strategy and what we teach in our courses though, you can start and learn to trade live in the professional markets risking no more than the lose change in your pocket.  This also means that your returns will be small but what we typically suggest is that you start off taking trades risking one percent of your trading account on each trade and target a return of three percent!So if you have an account size of $1000, you risk $10 per trade and you target $30 profit.  If the trade works, you increase your account size by 3%, not per annum, per trade!


So how can I make more money than $100 per day?

As your confidence grows in our strategy and your application of it, you will find that you can make a consistent income every day and because of the strategy, your continuing training and increasing confidence, you will quickly rack up more than one winning trade per day and even tough you will take some losers, you will be able to make a consistent income of say $100 per day.  Taking the $100 per day, starting with a $1000 account, it will take you 10 trading days, two weeks, to double your account.  While changing NOTHING with how you trade other than add one contract to your trades, you are still risking one percent of your account size, now $20 per trade but instead of making $100 per day, you are making $200, having spent no more time, having taken no more trades or risked any larger percentage of your account than before.  In the next 10 days you have doubled your account again and you now have $4000 available so you add another two contracts to trade, again changing nothing else, in the next 10 days you will have made an additional $4000 and you now have $8000 in your account!  When you get to $10000 in your account, you can switch up to the bigger contracts and you are now making $1000 per day, $5000 per week trading a very small size trades!  There are regularly trades going through the markets which are 20-50 contracts per trade, equating to $20000-$50000 per day!  Again, you do not need to do anything differently nor spend any more time compared to when you started trading and made $30 per trade, $100 per day, the only thing you are doing differently is that you are trading a bigger contract and multiples of it while still risking only 1% of your account size in any one trade.

What’s the catch?

Our strategy can be learned by anybody anddoesn’trequire any superhuman abilities.  You need to be diligent, put in the work and stick to your routine and results will come.  We can teach you what you need to know to successfully trade, the only thing standing in your way is you.  You owe it to yourself to spend the time and effort you deserve to create additional income, maybe even replace your day job if you want it to!


Anything else?

If the above wasn’t enough to convince you, there are two further reasons why trading is the best job in the world.  You may pay a lower rate of tax than regular income tax as trading income is classed as capital gains.  The real kicker however is that you will never be jobless!  While the world economy will affect most professions making most jobs vulnerable.  Trading will never suffer this fate as it is ongoing no matter if the economy is going up or down!


Why Inspire Trades?

There are many companies who claim to have the best trading strategy with next to no losses and there are even automated systems that claim to work regardless of market condition.  We cannot and will not claim that you will not take losing trades because you will!  The power behind our strategy is how we find the entries into the market and how we teach you to establish profit targets and stop loss levels in a safe way.  We also apply statistically proven methods to ensure that even when you do take losing trades, this doesn’t matter as you will still be profitable as long as you follow the established rules.

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